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A/C System Flu Shot Mist(TM) Disinfectant and sanitizer removes mold, flu bug, pollen and bacteria present ... [more...] in your vehicle's Air conditioning system and interior surfaces. Mist(TM) has won awards from Popular Mechanics and Motor magazine's Top 20 Tools for Effectiveness. As seen on ABC News Special 'Hidden Germs in your car' ... [less...]
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Brake Inspection (perform inspection of front and rear brakes)

Give Your Car the Flu Shot

Mold is a Real and Serious Problem Affecting In-Car Air Quality

Why is it such a problem today?

Modern HVAC systems trap more moisture and are made out of a different material than used in the past…
To maintain cabin temperatures, these efficient systems require a larger percentage of air to be recirculated. This creates an ideal habitat for mold, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms to grow. Spores from these micro-organisms are then regularly blown into the passenger cabin and colonize throughout the in-car environment.

Older evaporators were made out of copper… Copper had a natural anti-microbial characteristic to it that helped prevent the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Germs Blown From Car

Every time the fan is turned on, harmful spores are blown into the air drivers and passengers breathe.

Major studies have confirmed…this is a major health concern!

Germs Images

Several universities have conducted studies on the problem of poor air quality in vehicles. In a recent study conducted by Aston University in the UK, they discovered that a typical vehicle contains harmful bacteria which could put drivers at high risk of becoming ill. Specifically they found that “the inside of a typical car has 283 different types of bacteria present in every square centimeter.”

The Aston researchers concluded that people typically spend three full years of their lives stuck behind the wheel of a car. In that time, they breathe more sickness causing germs in a car than they would ever find at home on a toilet seat!

In-car air quality is a hot topic with the media and the health conscious consumer

“We found that cars are the moldiest of all forms of transportation. Most people don’t realize their cars are perfect breeding grounds for germs.”

– Dr. Chuck Gerba, as seen on the ABC News Special, Hidden Germs in Your Car

The Professional In-Car Air Quality System for Today’s Automotive Service Operation

The Results Speak for Themselves

Below are actual samples that where taken from the vehicle’s HVAC system before and then two days after a MiST™ In-Car Air Quality service.

Germs Image

The TerraClean® MiST™ System is highly effective in treating vehicles HVAC systems as well as cabin surfaces restoring in-car air quality!

Nano-droplet technology & cleaning solution by MiST™

The TerraClean® In-Car Air Quality System features nano–droplet technology by MiST™ and is designed specifically for use with the MiST™ cleaning solution formula.

The perfect preventative maintenance service

In today’s automotive service landscape, vehicles are built better with longer service intervals. To remain profitable, shops can’t rely on repairs, they have to build value through preventative maintenance (PM).

In-car air quality is the perfect PM service because it targets the health of the driver not the vehicle. This PM service can be run on any vehicle, leased or owned that comes into your shop, regardless of year, make, model, mileage or condition.

Simple to use – the most junior employee can run the service

The TerraClean® MiST™ System embodies practical-minded innovation offering ease of operation and mobility.

The service runs unattended by utilizing a durable and reliable machine that connects directly to the vehicle’s 12V DC.

What makes this system so effective?

Nano-droplets get to the source of the problem. They are drawn into the vehicle’s ventilation system and travel through the recirculation intake, penetrating and treating the entire ventilation system including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts and passenger cabin surfaces.

You need MIST if you have the following:

  • Air Freshnes in the car
    Air freshnes only mask the underlying problem.
  • Car Seat or Booster in the car
    Young children and pregnant women are the highest risk from the harmful micro-organisms.
  • Cell Phones/Laptops/PowerCords in the car
    Spending a lot of time in their vehicle. Health effects from long-term exposure is well-documented.
  • Food Spills/Crumbs/Coffee Cups/Garbage in the car
    Spilled food/drink/garbage is a prime location for micro-organisms to grow.
  • Hand Sanitizer or Wipes in a purse or car.
    Already conscious of cateria & germs
  • Pey Toys, Carriers or Blankets in the car
    Pets are carriers of micro-organisms and are also affected by the bacteria & germs.

FACT:Mold is present in all vehicle's A/C system and interior surfaces.

FACT: The health effects of mold particularily on children, pregnancies, and the elderly are well documented

FACT:Mist has won awards from Popular Mechanics. PETEN(Profesional Tool & Equipment News) and Motor(magazine) Top 20 Tools For Effectiveness.

FACT:Mist is a low cost solution that has high customer satisfaction rating.