Download our Smart Phone App!

We are pleased to offer our hybrid Smart Phone App:  'The Mobilizer' - Your Mobile Auto Repair Service Assistant.

At the touch of a button you can send an S.O.S. via Click to Call our Naples Auto Repair Shop, Click to Call our recommended roadside towing service, appointment request forms, and more!

Whenever possible, be sure to complete one of the service request forms (Maintenance Service Checklist, Chassis Suspension, Brakes or Check Engine Light) prior to coming into the shop.  It will shorten your check-in or drop-off time considerably, as well as help us understand with greater detail your issues and how we may provide you and your vehicle with excellent service.

Here's the link below.   Be sure to text it to friends and family so they can have peace of mind knowing we are just a click away!

Download Instructions:
This is a hybrid style of phone app and the link opens a mobile website.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Users (and most Android phones):
Look in upper right corner for the 3 vertical dots.  Select 'Add to Home Screen'.   Look for the Red Car S.O.S. icon on your phone =)

iPhone Users:
Look for box with arrow at bottom of screen - a tab wiht a plus "+" sign on it.  Select the "+" and hit "Add" to paste to home screen.

CAR SOS . Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair

CAR SOS . Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair

"The Mobilizer" - Your Mobile Auto Repair Service Assistant


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