ABS System Service in Naples, FL

The anti-lock braking system is a fundamental part of your brake system, it is meant to prevent brakes from locking when brakes are applied due to a hard stop.

ABS system consists of a module that uses brake fluid and speed sensors to each wheel, valves and pump, they monitor speed and tire pressure. Your ABS system communicates with the traction control, airbag module and cruise control, if one of those systems are experiencing a failure you may result in dashboard indicators for all three systems.

A most common sign of an ABS issue is the dashboard light indicator will be on, other problems with a faulty ABS system are unresponsive brake pedal, more effort on pressing the brake pedal to help the vehicle stop safely and brakes can lock up cause dangerous driving conditions on the road especially during rain or snow when roads are slippery and the vehicle does not have traction control.

Preventative maintenance that can help your ABS system are replacing your brake fluid every 2 years, having your brakes checked and replaced before overheating of friction components cause force use of brake pedal to stop the vehicle at shorter distances.

If your ABS Indicator light is on make an appointment today to have it scanned for codes, one of your sensors may not be reading properly or your ABS module may have failed.

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