Air Filter Replacement in Naples, FL

Where does your air filter come into play? Air filters are mention filtrate and not allow particles to bypass into the engine, air filters are made of many different materials, some work better than others. 
A conventional paper air filter is pretty worthless. Many times, you can remove your air filter and you could write your name in the dust that collected around the air filter intake housing. Can you imagine the amount that ended up in your engine if that was left behind? 
This especially happens when traditional paper air filters do not fit as snugly as they should in the air filter intake housing. Some companies have improved their quality and design, but they’re still not optimal still allowing too much debris to pass by right through the air filter into the engine and to make matters worst they do not even provide good airflow. 
In most cases, the more expensive the air filter, the better, of course. Something else you can consider is an alternative air filter which is more like a sponge (actually, it’s foam). Foam is made slightly larger than the air filter intake housing, when installed it fits very snug with no room for particles to by-pass. As a bonus, it has millions of “tiny” channels which allows air to flow. These “tiny” channels are not straight, they twist and turn through the air filter media allowing air to pass thoroughly much easier giving it multiple opportunities to catch the dirt as dirt particles travel in a straight line until they hit walls. 
Best practice to determine when your air filter is needed would be to open the airbox every oil change interval and see what the contamination level looks like. 
We like to recommend services based on actual need, factory scheduled maintenance intervals are generic, they do not account for road conditions, construction or living close to coastal areas. 
If you feel your engine is driving very sluggish, make an appointment and bring in for an evaluation we will gladly open your air filter box and see if it’s due for a change. 

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