Automatic Transmission Service in Naples, FL

No matter how the drivetrain is arranged on the vehicle; every vehicle has a transmission. Whichever vehicle has they all have the same job, the transmission multiplies torque allowing for higher speeds.

Transmissions come in Manual, Automatic and Constant Velocity (CV) or Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG).

Automatic Transmissions are very commonly found in vehicles and trucks. When an automatic vehicle is shifted into the Drive position (P-R-N-D-2-1) and the vehicle is at idle, the torque converter in the transmission allows some slipping, so the engine does not stall. This also allows the shift points to be smoother than a manual transmission.

CVT or Constant Variable Transmission is a type of transmission found in newer vehicles, some Domestics, Asian and European vehicles come in CVT. The CVT transmission does not have regular gears, they have two sets of plates with a belt which move and change the ratio between the engine and the wheels. Transmits the torque offering no interruptions of gear changes, smooth operation and better fuel economy. 

DSG Transmission=Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe or direct shift gearbox, also known as an Automatic Direct Shift. Essentially you can treat it as two manual gearboxes working alternatively as it shifts but packed inside one transmission housing. To break it down to the basics, there are five major components to this gearbox – a clutch pack, gear shafts and a mechatronic control unit or TCU that controls the gear shifts by analyzing throttle position response, engine load conditions and road speed.

Whether you have an Automatic, CVT or DSG Transmission you will need to service them based on mileage per Factory Maintenance Schedule located in your owner’s manual. 

Performing routinely Transmission services prevent wear and tear of internal gear components, avoid fluid from reaching higher temperature levels that can affect solenoids, clutch packs, gears and torque converters in the transmission causing premature wear and tear to the point of failure. 

Some transmissions are drain and fill service, others have an external filter that can be easily replaced and in a few vehicles the filter is part or inside of the transmission oil pan and will require additional time to service properly.

Make an appointment today, speak with our service team about the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance and see when your next Transmission Service is due.

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