Axle Repair in Naples, FL

If your axles need repair in the Naples, Marco Island, or Bonita Springs area in FL, trust the auto mechanics at Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair for your auto repair, including repair of axles. Our mission is to put people's relationships first. Every car that comes through Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair has a thorough inspection by our auto mechanics.

Axles are an essential part of driving because they take power from your engine and transfer it to your wheels. Problems need to be repaired, or the axles need to be replaced as soon as possible. The auto repair team at Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair in Naples, FL, is well-versed in axle replacement and repair. We always carefully inspect every inch of your vehicle, and if you suspect your axles need repair, we'll also inspect the surrounding components such as CV joints and CV boots.

We communicate all along the process, showing pictures of the damage or seeing for yourself. We believe in educating our customers and being transparent. Taking this extra time to inspect your vehicle and communicate with our customers has prevented many problems, as is the case with this customer, who drove from East Florida to have his car serviced by Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair. Read his testimonial below:

"I had used the auto repair services at Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair several years ago for my now 12 going on 13-year-old car when I lived in Naples, FL., and was very satisfied with their knowledge and skill in repairing my car. I decided to use the auto repair services of Happy Wallet in Naples, FL. again last week even though I now live on the east coast of Florida. My car had been leaking antifreeze, and, I thought, oil. I took it to a dealer for my make of car on the east coast of Florida, and the technicians there said I needed some new hoses after giving my car what I thought was-and should have been-for the price I paid-a thorough inspection. And then the dealer quoted me a very high price for the work. I decided to drive my car to Naples to Happy Wallet for the auto technicians there to give my car an inspection and to do the work. Am I EVER glad I did!!! Not only did the auto technicians at Happy Wallet find that it wasn't only some of the hoses that needed to be replaced, but the entire radiator and cap. They also found that the right side front axle shaft was BROKEN(!!!) and needed to be replaced---even though to my knowledge, the steering of my car worked very normally and fine as it was. The axle shaft they showed me from my car in the shop was VERY visibly broken. I could have been in a TERRIBLE accident with my car had my front axle shaft completely broken, and the Happy Wallet technicians prevented that from happening by CARING ENOUGH TO CHECK OUT MY CAR THOROUGHLY!!! The Happy Wallet technicians ALSO found that ALL the brake pads of my car needed to be replaced and that the rear rotors on my car's rear wheels were worn to the point that they were not salvageable. The auto technicians at Happy Wallet flushed my cooling system, let my car run for a while, degreased the engine to see if they could tell where the leaking oil was coming from, put dye in the new oil they put in my car and told me to come back within a month for them to check out my car again to see if they could tell where the leaking oil had been coming from. Needless to say, all the repairs done to my car were not cheap, but it sure was much less expensive than the dealer on the east coast would have charged me, had they even been MOTIVATED to check out my car thoroughly as the auto technicians most certainly did at Happy Wallet. All the personnel at Happy Wallet care about you and your vehicle...from the front desk with Frank and Gloria's help, to the in shop personnel. Gloria arranged for me to have a loaner vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car fairly close by the business, and I stayed overnight at a hotel I made reservations for so I could drive my car home to the east coast the next day. All went fine, and Gloria asked me to call her when I got home to be sure I had gotten home alright with the car. I certainly did. I'd give this place a 10-star rating if I could!!! And you know something else? I'm considering moving back to Naples, Florida, based on my interactions with the populace there." -- Douglas K.

Call us today at (239) 404-7589 or schedule an appointment if your axles need replacing. You may find we prevent costly repair jobs or even accidents due to our thorough inspections. Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair is located at 3661 Mercantile Ave. #A, Naples, FL. Find out firsthand how we put people's relationships first.

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