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Headlights and Tail Lights Replacement in Naples, FL

Your headlights and tail lights must be working correctly. If they're not, it's a safety hazard and may even get you pulled over by law enforcement. If you're in the Naples, FL area, trust the auto mechanics at Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair to install headlights and taillights, and unlike other auto repair shops, we will give your vehicle a careful inspection for any other issues.

It's easy to spot when headlights need replacing. If one or both of your headlights need replacing and you're in the Naples, FL area, come into Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair, and our auto repair team will handle the job.

Tail Lights require a little more diligence. You may not know you have a tail light out while driving, so it's a good idea to check your lights routinely to make sure they're all working. If your tail lights need replacing, our auto mechanics will not only replace them; they'll check to make sure they're not out due to a blown fuse.

At Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair, we always perform a full inspection. Sometimes we find your car needs services such as needing new headlight and taillight bulbs, while at other times, we have seen more serious issues that helped prevent costly repair and safety problems for our customers.

"A friend of mine referred me to Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair, they were excellent at customer service, very friendly and kind. They were changing my headlights out on my vehicle and did a courtesy check on my vehicle fluid and noticed I had no oil, thank goodness this could have been really bad for my car. They did an oil change and fixed the problem no questions asked. Also had a loose battery cable and they kindly fixed at no charge. Can't say enough about Frank, Gloria...……... Dave, you run an awesome shop! I will definitely refer my friends." -- Dina L.

Call us today at (239) 404-7589 or schedule an appointment to replace your headlights or tail lights. Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair is located at 3661 Mercantile Ave., #A, Naples, FL. We always do the job right and inspect any other issues for your safety and peace of mind.

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