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Beware Of Predatory Towing Behaviors


Don’t Fall Victim To Predatory Towing Services

The Naples, FL, area saw terrible flooding damage following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Many individuals lost their property, including their vehicles, to wind and flood damage. In the wake of this disaster, predatory towing companies have been reported more and more. Please read this message from our owner about how you can keep your vehicle safe from predatory towing services in the wake of Hurricane Ian.




It has been brought to my attention by several customers that have called us saying there are Towing Companies currently in our area that are not local. They are coming from other regions of Florida to “Help” tow flood vehicles away BUT are telling car owners that no one wants them, that no shops are going to take them, and the best they can do is take the car off their hand with the title. I know and have worked with most of our local towing companies like George and Sons Towing, Bakers Towing, Naples Towing, Bald Eagle Towing, and many other reputable local ones.


  1. If you have full coverage or at least comprehensive coverage, your insurance will total the vehicle and pay you the current market value. Check your purchase agreements for GAP insurance if you owe more than the car is worth.
  2. If you are being obligated to get your vehicle out of the area because they need room to make repairs and don’t have where to take your car until the insurance company can send an adjuster, WE ARE taking vehicles in. I cannot speak for the dealerships or other shops, but we ARE accepting cars, and I would contact your trusted local shop to ask if they can help with your car or who they recommend for towing.
  3. If you have a loved one or you’re a snowbird and have not been able to get your car out of your home or wherever the storm took it, please call us. We will help you with the process. We will help with the insurance process too.
  4. If you’re vehicle is deemed a total loss, and you do not have insurance, call companies that buy scrap metal junk cars, and you can still get a few 100 dollars for your vehicle.


Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair and many of our local auto repair shops do not want to see the people of our community being taken advantage of in these trying times. We care about you and your family. Please reach out to us directly at 239-404-7589, and ask for Gloria. I will gladly answer any questions and direct you on the right path. 


Gloria Sarrazola

Owner of Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair


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