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Combating Blind Spots: Best Practices

Combating Blind Spots: Best Practices

While this is a very common term and nearly everyone understands the concept, blind spots still contribute to about 840,000 accidents and 300 fatalities per year. You can greatly reduce your blind spots by simply adjusting your mirrors to give the widest view possible. Don’t forget to make the adjustment before you start driving.

First, adjust your rear view mirror to give the best possible view directly behind your car. Don’t worry about getting a view of each side with this mirror—it should be used solely to see what’s behind you.

Next, lean your head until it almost touches the driver’s side window. Adjust your left side mirror so that you can just barely see the left side of your car. Now, lean your head to the middle of the car and adjust the outside mirror so that you can barely see the right side of the car.

With your mirrors adjusted this way, you will have the maximum possible coverage. Of course, driving is a dynamic process—anything can change in a second. You should ALWAYS take a quick look over your shoulder when switching lanes just in case someone has slipped into your blind spot.

As you drive, be sure to avoid staying in other vehicles’ blind spots. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on other drivers to be watching their mirrors and looking for you nor can you predict what they’ll do next. Pass large trucks and busses on their left whenever possible—their blind spots are much larger on the right.

One extra NAPA AutoCare Safety tip: Always be attentive and remember to wear your seat belt!


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