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How Far Can You Drive On A Flat Tire

One of the most frustrating car issues is a flat tire. It can happen anywhere and at any time. Driving with a flat tire is not recommended, but if you are stranded, you won't have any other choice. Read to find out how far you can go and how to fix it if possible.

How Far Can I Drive?

When tires are deflated, traction and durability become an issue. The car's rims can rub against the hard asphalt and be damaged, which means that any possible patching up or repair becomes impossible. 
Depending on the tire, the maximum range you should rive with a flat is roughly 50 miles - or to the nearest service shop. If you exceed this distance, damage can be caused to the suspension, brakes, steering system, and many more - handling and safety will be affected strongly. 
Our advice is to drive to the nearest mechanic, as we mentioned above, or a safe parking spot.

Changing A Flat Tire

Despite your situation, stranded or in need of a roadside repair, here are the steps for changing a flat tire:

  • To start, make sure you have a toolbox and spare tire in the car - look under the trunk cover or the backside.
  • Pull over to a safe place.
  • Shut your engine off and put the car in park.
  • Loosen all the nuts on the flat tire.
  • Get the carjack and put it on the lifting pints of the car.
  • Lift the vehicle slowly.
  • Remove the lug nuts and flat wheel - put them underneath the car for extra safety.
  • Get the spare tire and align it with the bolts on the front hub.
  • Tighten the nuts almost completely.
  • Put the car down and tighten the rest of the way.
  • Make sure all of the nuts are tightly secured.

Spare tires are usually thinner and smaller than normal ones. They are made for short distances, just so you can continue your day and visit the mechanic afterward. While you are in the shop, we recommend getting a wheel alignment to get the most out of the visit and your time.

Tire Change in Naples, FL

At Happy Wallet Quality Auto Repair, tire replacement and alignment procedures are performed with the best machinery in the industry. Our team will be happy to help your vehicle with whatever it needs! You can contact us on the phone or via our email

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